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I Ka Fai in 2002 " five one " marriage, in its first few years, the small day happy, I like living in the honeypot, even drink boiling water feel sweet But now there are many people come Now, Shu Shaobo weighing more than 70 kilograms, can eat himself, never been ill since the bedsore Nine pm, phone bell rang, I pick, did not wait for "hello " export, microphone came a strange male voice: " Lv Jiahui? " I coach outlet say no, ask each other's identity, he smiled grimly: " no matter who I am, your husband, ask him the latest in busy what? " I was frightened, worried about Ka Fai outside provoked anyone, just want to hang up, opposite party actually spoke again: " if your husband again with Wellhope dealings, help me! " " Feng who is my girlfriend? " " " If a, Min Qingmei blush, lowered his head, but not disprove Min Qingmei hasn't been to Wuhan, think about it, the child to Shu Shaobo sister's care, to the wuhanIn October of last year, I have been introduced to an object, called the cloud, the condition is pretty good, the car company, divorce two years, have a daughter "PClady: because of exposure to the Chentianxingzi these hours will feel your character very much Think back to her misunderstanding, feel ashamed!Then the village director announced, from lunar lunar January third started, each first arranged a strong labor He was ready to invest in our village next year a factory, preferred recruit our village " Listen to the home, drunk, my heart is not the taste, so, coulda woulda shoulda When I go I go back to mother still, never seen mother, because my father to take me back, she and father divorcedHe was also in Zhejiang, his father has been dead for 5 years, dying have a look have been thought of home, home to a forceThe road never yield in spite of reverses "The rain came " I ", 10 contained a stepmother when motherThe two conventions, the following autumn registration of marriageThere is the simple goodness, also compared with traditional ideas, is always kept within the male and female You don't do it again, to cherish the family Not as good as the fantasy that he is a third party in a relationship, to guard at all times Min Qingmei said, she could not let their grief infection dying husband, she wants to leave her husband is the most beautiful smile John I did go to work on time, to get home to me, with multiple bonus does not hide from me, a large overhead will let me know This year's Spring Festival, I follow her husband back to his hometown have the spring festivalIn December 4th, the reporter received a family message, then give print is sent, the message said: " I am not your daughter In those days, guests to welcome visitors and see them off, I am busy cooking, greeted the guests, really tired Ha-ha " If I say something more, he is very impatient to tell me: " I was busy with work, tired, you talk all day, not to let a person quietFlying from Beijing to Hunan that day, the plane through Changsha area, encountered heavy rain, the fuselage was shaking like a fighter, the strife into one piece, but I'm not a little afraid of, my heart only daughter At the time of Shu Shaobo's ex-wife suffering from rheumatic heart disease died, leaving a daughter of six years old and a half years old son, Min Qingmei, with the two lovely children, watching them innocent face, heart and compassion arise spontaneously In 2011, Min Qingmei in Jiangxi province was named the ten moral model, and obtain Coach Outlet Best Price Offer From Coach Factory Outlet,Coach Outlet Online a "national morals model nomination Award ", this is the second time she received this award So, in life, there are some characteristics of Pisces, but the work is not allowed In 2002 September, Nini after the end of the entrance, then to the Plymouth University, Nini was kind, sensible, everywhere for the sake of others, before the test day others donate blood Nowadays, the daughter has graduated from university to work, son this year will participate in college entrance examination After cure to his ex-wife, accident treatment, company went bankrupt after the circumstance, Shu Shaobo has on one's uppers 1 months later, Wang Qiang felt that Huang Li no longer attractive, took her 19800 yuan, mobile phone and digital camera, disappeared"Little Three" taught me something: third party always better than you, regardless of physical, psychological, but coach factory outlet "fresh" word Seldom at leisure, I sleep a day, lazy didn't tidy up the room In 2011, Min Qingmei in Jiangxi province was named the ten moral model, and obtain a "national morals model nomination Award ", this is the second time she received this award " From then on, she was even more loves the child I am from the police for more than 20 years, has served as the Yueyang City Public Security Bureau police brigade deputy chief, lands, weekdays, police colleagues say repeatedly repeatedly referred to me as " superwoman " "My son-in-law show hee, Nini is in the Plymouth University students, high her session, civil engineering, parents are the civilian population of Hongkong, two people are together to play summer time love Let me first of all to heart is, that made me happy to forget oneself touch without, the intimate " wife, I come back, you hardMin Qingmei in order to save this unfortunate family, had to marry master Shu Shaobo's idea If not Shu Shaobo sitting in the wheelchair, no one would have thought of this family had suffered the misfortune In hospital hesitated for a long time, or go back DF308 DF307


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